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Make: Mapping fuzzy logic and fictional universes

Can we use out of-the-box software to communicate our research findings and represent the fuzzy logic of the humanities? Cartographers and artists have long made sentimental and subjective maps that portray the emotional states of individuals and communities. The Google N-grams viewer is … Continue reading

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Play: Connecting to conversations in the din of social media.

Finding the professional or academic conversations can be hard enough, but once you are keyed in, how do keep track of them and stay engaged?  On Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, and Google+, lots of people are talking, but how to do … Continue reading

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Play: Share and Share Alike.

I gave up keeping up with ALL the new apps and digital tools long ago. Still, there are some that I know I could not manage without. Do you have any like that? Feel like sharing? How about a little … Continue reading

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Proposal: a play session on text analysis tools

This session will have elements of teach and play.  Bring your favorite web-based text analysis tool (i.e., virtually, of course) and share what you like, what it does well, and what you wish it did.  I’ll start with Textal.

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Guilty pleasures . . . for THATCamp!

So my 15-year-old son and his friends attended a science camp this past summer. Their running joke was that they’d decided they could get away with nearly anything if they cried “For Science!” as they did the deed. I’m going … Continue reading

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It’s session proposal time

Now that I have your attention… Greetings THATCampers! Now is the time to start thinking about what you’d like to do or discuss at THATCamp Alabama. From now until our THATCamp begins on August 9, you should propose one or … Continue reading

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