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Multimedia Assignments in Humanities Classes

I propose a conversation about incorporating multimedia assignments into humanities courses. As director of the University of Alabama Libraries’ Sanford Media Center, I’ve helped design and support a number of assignments in areas such as English, art, dance, and multiple … Continue reading

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Play: Connecting to conversations in the din of social media.

Finding the professional or academic conversations can be hard enough, but once you are keyed in, how do keep track of them and stay engaged?  On Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, and Google+, lots of people are talking, but how to do … Continue reading

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Talk Session: Tools Users Use

As an archivist, I post content to my website but have fallen behind a bit in knowing the tools my users use and how to prepare my materials for them. As a teacher, F2F and online, I want to know … Continue reading

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Workshop: Explorations in Digital Storytelling

When people talk about digital storytelling, they usually mean the use of some form of media production to share a story. I want to propose a session in which we explore possibilities for designing assignments that ask students to present … Continue reading

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Building Local Collaborations

I’d like to have a brainstorming session about how to build a network of collaborators for digital work on a particular campus or in a particular area. What kinds of skills and interests might you seek out and where within … Continue reading

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