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Make: Mapping fuzzy logic and fictional universes

Can we use out of-the-box software to communicate our research findings and represent the fuzzy logic of the humanities? Cartographers and artists have long made sentimental and subjective maps that portray the emotional states of individuals and communities. The Google N-grams viewer is … Continue reading

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Reconciling digital research procedures with library policies

In my own research for my dissertation, I visited approximately 60 libraries around the country ranging from the American Antiquarian Society in Worcester, MA, to the Historic New Orleans Collection, to more regional, smaller libraries such as the Hawaiian Mission … Continue reading

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Talk Session: Tools Users Use

As an archivist, I post content to my website but have fallen behind a bit in knowing the tools my users use and how to prepare my materials for them. As a teacher, F2F and online, I want to know … Continue reading

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Digitizing Research Discussion

I started my research in an analog world–large numbers of xerox copies, note cards for bibliography, etc.  The world is now digital.  How do I move research materials into a digital format so they can be worked with more easily, … Continue reading

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Finding needles in haystacks

The more information is collected, the more difficult it becomes to sift it, organize it, and find what you need. Statistical data analysis (data analytics) is the process of this type of analysis, encompassing natural language processing and more.  This … Continue reading

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