Friday-Useful Tech Tools (Olliff and Hettich), Bufferapp, and are examples of tools that allow you to update multiple accounts for maximum impact.

What kind of apps and softwares help us do are own work?

Dropbox works well but doesn’t play well with EndNote. It does play well with Zotero.

Google calendar can be shared between members of a group/

Google drive is a good cloud storage option with the added bonus of built in collaboration.

Doodle is good for setting meetings with optional times.
Wiggio is good for setting meetings with standing, continual groups of people.

Many different tools do the same thing.

Writeroom app gives you a clean slate and shuts off your Internet connection to enable you to write distraction free.
Scriviner allows segmenting, moving of chunks of text.

Evernote, notability, and Iannotate are all good places for storing notes. Make sure you can do with them what you want in the end. If you intend to export them, make sure the tool allows that.

Hastac was recommended as a place to set up a group for continued discussion about changing tools.

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