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Make: Mapping fuzzy logic and fictional universes

Can we use out of-the-box software to communicate our research findings and represent the fuzzy logic of the humanities? Cartographers and artists have long made sentimental and subjective maps that portray the emotional states of individuals and communities. The Google N-grams viewer is … Continue reading

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Talk: Fostering Dialogue in Social Media Spaces

The rise of social media has allowed scholars and students to connect and discuss texts, events, and issues in ways that were previously unimaginable. Synchronous and asynchronous discussions can spark at any moment and connect learners across time zones and … Continue reading

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Talk: Accessibility and Universal Design for Learning and Research

In some realms of the academy and administration, we are having more and more discussions about technology/content accessibility and universal design. We are seeing tremendous growth in the use of instructional technology, but little to no consideration for giving access … Continue reading

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Guilty pleasures . . . for THATCamp!

So my 15-year-old son and his friends attended a science camp this past summer. Their running joke was that they’d decided they could get away with nearly anything if they cried “For Science!” as they did the deed. I’m going … Continue reading

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Crowdsourcing the Virtues

The question I would like to mull over with you is how can we use social networking and data gathering techniques to determine what are the practical virtues of a discipline? I am curious about this because of the resurgence … Continue reading

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Building Local Collaborations

I’d like to have a brainstorming session about how to build a network of collaborators for digital work on a particular campus or in a particular area. What kinds of skills and interests might you seek out and where within … Continue reading

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Developing subject-based online communities for students in higher education

I’m interested in developing online spaces for student learning and collaboration throughout their university careers.  I’m imagining an interactive space that students can access as needed to supplement research instruction, learn about and discuss digital tools in their disciplines, plus … Continue reading

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