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Talk: Accessibility and Universal Design for Learning and Research

In some realms of the academy and administration, we are having more and more discussions about technology/content accessibility and universal design. We are seeing tremendous growth in the use of instructional technology, but little to no consideration for giving access … Continue reading

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Talk Session: A Discussion on Tools to Help Flip a Class

I have been playing around with incremental changes to my courses to move toward a flipped design. It is a process I plan to continue. I would like to propose a session that encourages discussion on activities, assignments, etc. that … Continue reading

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Fight Club

“We tend to use technology to support, rather than transform, traditional modes of teaching and learning.” “Publication in open access, electronic-only journals and publication in traditional print journals should not be valued equally for tenure and promotion.” “Digital media are … Continue reading

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Creating an Omeka site with Amazon Web Services

Update: To make the session run smoother, some lines of code we’ll need are in this Google document so people can just cut and paste Perhaps in conjunction with the Omeka workshop or as a session for those who want … Continue reading

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TEACH: Tips and Tricks for Using the Cloud to Make Your Classroom More Interactive

As an instruction librarian, I have been doing a lot of experiments to try to make my classroom more interactive. Clickers and Poll Everywhere haven’t worked for me. My classes are usually very discussion-based, but in the discussion I felt … Continue reading

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Talk: Alternative Textbooks, MOOCS and Standards in the Humanities Classroom

A lot of noise is being made about this on a national level, and we are starting to talk about it on a professional level, but I would really like to have a local conversation about it. Our initial reaction … Continue reading

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Learning from AHAgate: on arts and humanities scholarship in the very early 21st century

Scholarly communication is always of interest to me, but the conversations ensuing from #ahagate have really stirred the pot this summer, revealing a variety of perspectives, practices, and relationships within the academic community and prompting reconsideration of some basic assumptions about … Continue reading

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Backpacker Explorations of Moments in Learning and Research

Backdrop: A dad, prompted by an app he’s trying out, runs outside with his 5 year old son to catch a 30 second glimpse of a satellite passing overhead. As they wait, the dad shares that as a boy, he … Continue reading

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