Talk Session: Tools Users Use

As an archivist, I post content to my website but have fallen behind a bit in knowing the tools my users use and how to prepare my materials for them. As a teacher, F2F and online, I want to know how to integrate digital tools into my coursework and which tools I should teach to my students. As a community historian, I hope to provide info to a rising generation of avocational historians and need to know how they access that info. I need to listen more than talk, and though other sessions cover at least some of my personal concerns, I’d love the opportunity to hear about more tools and strategies from the makers and users assembled here.

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Denizen of the Ivory Basement and Lecture Halls of Lower Alabama, or, more conventionally, archivist and historian. Digital humanities guy by necessity and choice, though I have an on-again, off-again relationship with Capt. Ludd.

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