Fight Club

pair of red, Everlast boxing gloves

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“We tend to use technology to support, rather than transform, traditional modes of teaching and learning.”

“Publication in open access, electronic-only journals and publication in traditional print journals should not be valued equally for tenure and promotion.”

“Digital media are integral to scholarly work.”

“It is immoral to subvert the Digital Rights Management technologies companies use to protect their media from illegal use.”

“Digital humanities is a field that’s difficult to enter without significant support and collaboration.”

Wanna fight about it?

In this session, we’ll debate developments in humanities, technology, education, and digital culture. We’ll examine where we stand on a given issue or statement, vocalize our opinions and listen to others speak about theirs, and challenge ourselves to argue for positions or perspectives we do not necessarily agree with.

Is there a hot topic you’d like to debate or discuss with your fellow THATCampers? Please comment below.

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About Melissa Fortson Green

A librarian, teacher, and technology enthusiast, I'm the new Academic Technologies Instruction Librarian at The University of Alabama Libraries. I'm proud to claim membership on the organizing committee for the first THATCamp Alabama, and I'm particularly interested in accessibility and the digital humanities and the unconference model for professional development.

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  1. Ooh what a good idea. People have lots of energy and opinions around these issues.

  2. I love this idea. it will be especially good because it seems like each of these issues become conflated in our conversations– as if they were all the same thing 🙂

  3. A bit early, I know, but here’s an article from Educause Review Online:

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