Workshop: Digital Project Management

Project management is one of the most central skills to have on any digital project team  yet the role of project manager is one for which many of us receive little or no training. Many projects get derailed because they lack a team member whose job it is to take charge of planning, scheduling, and tracking the work required for a project to be successful (as well as getting his/her hands dirty when things fall apart). In this workshop, I will present some important areas of project management to consider and share some of my own success and failures:

  • project goals and contribution
  • environmental scans
  • building a team
  • project planning
  • roles and responsibilities
  • workflow and communication
  • gathering institutional support
  • funding
  • credit and attribution
  • outreach
  • sustainability

I’ll also share some resources from other experienced digital project managers for further reading. Come join me if you are working on a digital project or thinking about starting one in the future!

UPDATE: Here are my slides and a list of resources for further reading.

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