TEACH: Tips and Tricks for Using the Cloud to Make Your Classroom More Interactive

As an instruction librarian, I have been doing a lot of experiments to try to make my classroom more interactive. Clickers and Poll Everywhere haven’t worked for me. My classes are usually very discussion-based, but in the discussion I felt my students were THINKING but not DOING, and I needed a solution!

Recently, I’ve been using a combination of google drive and bit.ly to facilitate workshop-style in-class interactivity. It has worked great, and I would love to show you how I do it!

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About sara maurice whitver

Sara Maurice Whitver is the First-Year Experience Librarian at The University of Alabama Libraries in Tuscaloosa, Alabama, where she works with freshmen every day. She is interested in digital and information literacy curriculum development and the library’s role in alternative textbooking, and her ultimate goal is to teach research skills that students will carry out of the classroom and into a well-informed life. Sara coordinates instruction for First-Year Writing and Freshman Seminar classes as well as works with the orientation team to welcome and acclimate new students to campus.

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