Workshop: Digital Collections and Exhibits with Omeka is a web-publishing platform that allows anyone with an account to create or collaborate on a website to display collections and build digital exhibitions (“About,”

In this workshop for THATCampers with no previous experience with Omeka, we will:

  • talk about use cases for Omeka
  • look at some Omeka projects
  • describe the difference between site and running your own instance of Omeka
  • talk about plug-ins
  • add items to an archive
  • assign metadata

If there is interest, following this workshop will be a session dedicated to running your own instance of Omeka through Amazon Web Services (which is free for a year). If you are interested in this, please see my session proposal which has information about what you will need to participate.

If you are interested in creating an site, please sign up for and activate a Basic (free) account before you arrive. You might also bring a laptop with some practice files to upload to your new site!

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About g.cory.duclos

I am an Assistant Professor of Spanish at Spring Hill College in Mobile, Alabama. I recently graduated from Vanderbilt University, where I served as a HASTAC scholar from 2011-2012. My own research focuses on early modern Spanish narrative. I am interested in using digital tools for both research and pedagogy.

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